Monday, 18 November 2013

Nurse Akali Cosplay

I'm Nurse Akali from the game League of Legends. I worked really hard on my costume. It took me about a week and a half to complete. This is the first cosplay I've ever done, and I learned a lot of new sewing techiniques. For instance, I had never sewn a button hole before, or a collar, or a pleated skirt! This project taught me a lot, which in some ways was why I did it. Of course I wanted to dress up for Halloween and everything, but I also needed to learn how to sew better. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, but I'm also a bit glad that it's over! It was a lot of work.

I took some work in progress photos along the way. My first step was to find a pattern. I used Shirt Dress 06/2013 #120 from I really didn't have to adapt it very much to make it work for this costume. The only things I did differently were not add sleeves, make it shorter, and add a pleated skirt instead.

I should also mention that the instructions SUCKED. I had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own. I watched a lot of youtube videos on how to do various things.

Next of course, I cut it out, pinned it, and sewed the basic stuff. patterns don't come with a seem allowance, but I knew that this pattern would be too big for me, so I didn't add a seam allowance. I only used a seam allowance on the collar.

The collar was the part that I had the most difficulty with. I have never made one before, and the instructions really didn't help me out, so I used ideas from a few different youtube videos. I used the pattern piece, but then I sewed it (inside out), flipped it right side out, ironed it like that, then took some of the stitches out so that I could sew it on. It was a big pain in the ass. Took me like 3 days just for this one part because I was so confused.

Then I did the button holes and buttons, which was a completely new thing for me. I practiced it SO many times on a scrap piece of fabric so that I wouldn't mess up my real garment. I was nervous.

After that I sewed on the bias tape to the collar and used it as the stripes down the front and back of the dress. I've seen a lot of people use ribbon for this instead, which I really didn't like the look of.

Then I sewed around the arm holes, sewed the shoulder shut (which I had kept open the whole time so the bias tape could go inside), then I actually made the shoulder smaller because it was sticking up too much, reinforced the shoulder and arm holes, went around with a zig zag stitch on all of the seems that wouldn't be showing and the darts, and made the length shorter since I would be adding a different skirt.

Lastly, I began folding all of the pleats. I learned how to do this from youtube! This one piece of fabric was extremely long.

Then I ironed it and sewed it on. After that, there wasn't much to do other than go around and cut off extra threads.

I also had to make the hat and some hair pieces.

For this hat I used a head band and a piece of cardboard. The cardboard had two little tails on the bottom that I looped around the headband (at the end) to make it stand up. But first I layered fabric over it with a glue gun. Then I used a piece of red bias tape across of it. Then I sewed a small square and painted on the cross. Then I glued it to the hat. Lastly, I looped the tails around the head band and glued it.

For these I used toilet paper rolls, ribbon, and a glue gun. All I did was wrap the ribbon around and then glue it. Very simple.

So that is all the stuff I had to do to make this cosplay. Some other things that I learned was that I need an iron (I used a steamer the whole time, UGH), I need a serger, and that Fabric Land is a rip off. This costume honestly was pricey. But overall, I'm glad I did this, I'm pleased with the results, and I learned a lot.

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