Monday, 18 November 2013


I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve gotten almost everything done I told myself I would. I started Insanity, I’ve looked up things about modelling and fashion photography to get some ideas, went through all my boxes of clothes and took out things I want to wear, put all my clothes together that I need to fix, got my sewing machine out, and looked up make up and experimented a little bit with make up I already have.

Tonight I’m going to a party and the shirt I’m going to wear is one that I need to fix, so I’m going to have to fix it before tonight! It should be relatively simple. I might take a picture of my outfit, but my camera quality is crap so if it comes out looking bad I’m not going to post it haha.

The things I have left to do are get a camera, figure out what to do with my hair, re-look up current fashion trends, fix all my clothes that need to be fixed, and maybe get photoshop. I’m feeling a lot less stressed out, and happy that I’ve gotten so much done so quickly. And luckily I think I’ll be able to do the rest of the things relatively quickly as well. Except get a camera, that’s going to take a bit longer.

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