Monday, 18 November 2013

The Importance of Fit

Probably for the first time in my life I own a pair of jeans that actually fit. And let me tell you, I’m pretty happy that I bought them from the store and they fit perfectly AND they were only $10. Typically clothing only fits me correctly if I tailor it myself. Now, I’m not an exceptional tailor, and I really wasn’t looking forward to attempting to tailor jeans, something I’ve never done before. The only thing is, I did have to go back the store one time and exchange them for the correct size (the store doesn’t have a changing room for some bizarre reason), but that was waaaay easier than trying to resize them myself.

I always have the problem of finding clothes that fit, just like everyone else, am I right? But for the longest time I thought I was a size small but I didn’t really start realizing until now that I’m not. I always thought that since there were girls smaller than me, I must be a Small and not a XS. It has really made a difference now that I’ve started buying the correct size and tailoring anything that isn’t perfect. Another problem is that relatives would always buy me clothes in the wrong sizes.

Fit can make a huge difference in the way your outfit looks. The article of clothing can either be too baggy (the problem I always have), or too tight, which both look equally bad. Try to stay away from buying clothing that doesn’t fit, unless it’s worth it to you to tailor it. But you’re not allowed to wear it until you tailor it! Some things are definitely worth your time and money to tailor, some are not. Experiment with sizes, figure out what size you REALLY ARE, not what size you want to be. If you wear the right size, it will make you look better, regardless of what size it is.

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