Sunday, 19 January 2014

Weekly Summary #4

Instagram Photos:

 photo 4_zpsb0ee13e1.jpg
1. My friends adorable bengal kitten!
2. Bought some new canvases
3. Chimichanga!
4. My chilling around the house outfit

Blog Posts:

January Wish List
 photo revlon_zps851ed4d8.jpg
My wish list for this month!

Inspiration Album #5

Album of inspirational fashion and art photos.

This week I went to a friends house for a few days and I got to play with his adorable kitten! Then a few days later my friends came to my house so I've had a very busy week! Yesterday we got some mexican food and I threw on my tiger hoodie. I'm still doing Insanity, and I'm starting to see the results. Exciting! While my week was very occupied, it was fun and I'm feeling very relaxed.


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