Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Grunge Americana Sketch

For this mini collection I decided to put myself to the test by forcing myself to mix my style with Americana, which is very not my style! I definitely had to stretch my brain a little. I also wanted to start designing for spring/summer.

For the first look, I imagined she was wearing a flannel top with jean shorts, then got too hot and tied the flannel around her waist as a skirt.

For the second look, it is a bit difficult to notice, but I made the boot somewhat into a gladiator sandal/combat boot. You can see the white sock sticking out on the side. It's the same boot pretty much, but with the side panels taken off. Still I think this boot would be too hot to wear in summer, but it's slightly better than the full boot.

For the third look, I wanted it to be somewhat bikeresque.

I'm not going to lie, this collection was a little inspired by Lana Del Rey. Hopefully I'll be done with part 2 of this collection soon! I need to put on my thinking cap.


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