Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hair Care

This weeks post was going to be a review on a hair product, but I completely underestimated how much time it would take, so here's a few quick tips on how to keep your hair healthy instead!

I've been growing my hair out for a few years, and I'd like to think I've kept it pretty healthy. I had a lot of short hair styles throughout high school, which wasn't a great idea, but it really made me appreciate having long hair again. I vowed to keep it healthy this time around, since when I had long hair when I was a kid, I completely thrashed it.

1. Don't dye it!

A pretty obvious one, but dying your hair damages it a lot. There are ways to keep your hair healthy even if you dye it, but I don't know enough about that. I haven't dyed my hair at all since I decided to grow it out. Wigs are a better way for me to go when I feel like changing up my hair.

2. Don't heat it up!

This includes things like hair straighteners and blow dryers, but also hot water. If you need to use a straightener or a curling iron, you can use a little heat resistant spray. When washing it, try to go for luke warm water instead of scolding hot.

3. Conditioner and leave-in conditioner

Condition your hair thoroughly and use a leave-in conditioner daily.

4. Brush your hair before you wash it, not while it's wet!

Brushing your hair while it's wet can damage it, so opt to brush it before you hop into the shower, not after. Bonus points, your hair won't end up in the drain!

5. Avoid tying it up

Pony-tail holders can sometimes rip your hair, so avoid pony tails if you can. Go for something like a low braid, or a bun and tie it with some cloth instead.

6. Just be careful

Be patient when brushing your hair, and try not to snag it on anything in general.

That's all the ways I know to keep my hair healthy! Do you have any more tips? Share them below!


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