Sunday, 28 December 2014

Weekly Summary #52&53

Instagram Photos:

1. Cute snowman cookie
2. My Chinese food came with this adorable calendar
3. My "Christmas tree"
4. Christmas selfie

Hi everyone. Hope you had a great holiday. I haven't had a lot going on so I decided to put these two weeks together. In my last two weeks, my computer broke again, but it's now 100% fixed. I replaced the broken parts with some really nice new parts. I've also been renovating, and working when I can. I've been exercising a little and sleeping a ton. For Christmas I didn't do much, and I haven't planned anything for New Years Eve either. Nothing too new or exciting going on with me right now. I can't wait for the New Year, and have quite a few resolutions this year. I've been thinking really hard about what I want to accomplish in this next year and my future. I've been getting some great ideas.


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