Wednesday, 25 February 2015

-25 C


Having not grown up in a cold place, it took me a couple real winters in Canada to figure out how to dress myself in a warm and fashionable way. I also found a real lack of this issue being discussed on other fashion blogs. So I wanted to show others how I dress during really cold weather. Right now it's about -10 C, but it can get all the way down to -45 C where I live. Scary!

I think the most important thing to have is a good jacket. I honestly have a brand loyalty to L.L. Bean when it comes to winter gear (I love their return policy). I made to sure to get a jacket that was actually warm, something that was tested to be actually warm, not some fashion coat that just looks warm. Those are ok for places that aren't actually cold in winter, but in this Canadian winter a fashion coat isn't going to fly. It's also important to have warm gloves, and for me, a hat that that partly covers my face. Though, some days I consider wearing a ski mask that covers my entire face because my nose gets so cold. Another important piece to have is obviously waterproof shoes, and for me I wanted something that covered my legs as much as possible. In my opinion, these Moon Boots were the most adorable winter boots I could find, and they're warm too!

The last thing that's important is layering. Once you've got your basics (jacket, gloves, boots, hat), you have to throw on as many layers as you need depending on how cold it is. Some days I don't need extra layers, and other days I need two or 3 pairs of socks, leggings under my jeans, and a sweatshirt.

So what I'm saying is, you don't have to be miserable in winter to look good. You can be warm and cozy and still feel stylish.


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