Sunday, 17 May 2015

Weekly Summary #73

Instagram Photos:

1. Sneak peak of next photo shoot ;)
2. New accessories I've gotten from eBay lately

Blog Posts:

"Safety" by me

This week I've felt a little bit better and got a lot of stuff done. I shot a video for my blog and did a little photo shoot with my new lighting system. It was awesome. I've ran into a problem lately...I've been trying to buy some red thigh high socks from eBay for my next outfit shoot, but they keep sending me the wrong color! It's happened twice! And not only that, they sent me the same color twice, so I have two pairs of purple thigh highs I didn't want! At least I got a refund :( But I may just go without the socks for the shoot because it's taking way too long!


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