Monday, 13 July 2015

Spooky Eyes Contacts Review

Hi everyone! Spooky Eyes was very nice and sent me these contacts to show you all. I think they're pretty cool.

What I'm wearing:
Top: Blue Notes
Accessories: eBay
*Contacts: Spooky Eyes Funky White UV Lenses

Big thanks to Spooky Eyes again for sending these to me! They're awesome and this shoot was really fun :) Stay spooky!



  1. Im so happy that you had a wonderful experience with spooky eyes. i wish i could say the same. my package was sent back to them on october 2015 and they claim that they have yet to receive it. They have no interest in helping me. I tried writing on their Facebook page but they have to approve people's post. I'm guessing that is because a lot of people have complained. If anyone is interested in buying from this company, beware!!! they will not refund you. they will lie and then ignore you.