Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weekly Summary #78-81

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2. Cute tray to keep on my couch for my remotes instead of a big coffee table

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Men's Summer 2015

Hey guys, I'm back! My computer was broken for a few weeks but it's all fixed now! I've been working on a lot of stuff while I've been gone, but I've also been watching a ton of YouTube. I'm super into YouTube now and am definitely going to do more videos. I have one to post this week already, and after that I have a bunch of ideas written down. (So follow me on YouTube because I'm super excited about this!) I also moved into my new home office. Now I have everything set up all the time for my photo shoots and such, and I think having the right set up will help me be more motivated. I know it has helped already :) Also I got a Twitter if you'd like to follow me there! I'm pumped. See you all soon!


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